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AWM Resources

Some great resources for adult webmasters – webboards and link exchange systems


My favorite adult webmasters board. Lots of useful information and friendly people. Also it in nice place to find partners for hardlink exchanges, sell/buy something or just get some nice advice.

Go Fuck Youself

Very crowded adult webmasters forum. Lots of information about good and bad sponsors. Nice place to buy/sell something and to exchange hardlinks

Green Guy and Jim

Another popular webboard for adult webmasters, almost all link list owners visit it. Visit it at least once in a while to be updated.

Medium Pimpin

Nice awm board where you can exchange links and offer your services

Adult Insider

Another awm board, not too much useful stuff, but you can still use it for your advertisments ;)

Adult Webmaster Group

This is Twan's adult webmaster board, if you are in adult blogging you should check this great forum full of nice helpful people and interesting infromation

Thunder Ball

Very good service for hardlink exchanges between various niche websites. Thousands of active users with several lots of links to trade. My advices:
Don’t wait for other users to contact you - make first step yourself.
Don't trade links through their internal system or won't be able to delete trades later. Just find people using their system and agree with them personally.


Link trades finder specially made for bloggers, the only drawback - lots of blogs from freehosts (I don't trade links from my handwritten blogs with freehosts)

Adult Link Hub

Another link exchange service for all type of adult websites. Lots of niches to choose from.

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